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Amping up Your WiX Site With Video Marketing

WiX.com recently launched a new feature, WiX Video Marketing, as part of its goal to allow users to manage their website, online marketing, social media, and finances, all in one place. Studies show that 1.8 million words are equivalent to 1 minute of video because unlike text, video taps into multiple senses. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch a video compared to 10% when reading text. Google and Facebook actually prefer websites with video, making them rank higher (SEO).


- The average user spends 88% more time on a site with video

- 90% of consumers say video can help them make buying decisions

- 64% of shoppers make purchase online after watching a video

- 49% increase in revenue seen by marketers using videos

- ⅓ of online activity is spent watching video

Video is Magic. It can be used to:

1) Humanize your brand - show that there are good people behind it

2) Educate the Consumer - show them why they should purchase your product

3) Simplify the Complex - "Do it Yourself" videos are some of the most popular. Simplifying the complex will show the buyer that you know what you're doing. This build up your clients' trust in you.

4) Evoke emotion and tell a story - talk about how your organization does good for the world.

5) Grab Attention - Video is a great way to hook a user into staying onto your website and clicking your call to action (ex - "Request a Quote")

Keep an Eye On:

* Defining Your Goals - have a set goal in mind and build your videos around that goal

* Thinking Authentic, Not Viral - Don't try to go big on your video. It will come naturally if you make your video represent your brand.

* Keep your video within 30 seconds and a minute (unless it is "DIY") - people have short attention spans

* Tailor your video content to your target consumer's likes and interests

* Track the impact of your video - This can be done with Google Analytics and will help you realize the impact of the video

Use the Correct type of video. Here are some different types:

A. The product in use - demonstrations

B. Promotional Video - talk about the emotions and values behind a brand. make the video a way for your consumers to purchase your product.

C. Testimonial - have your customers share their experience with your organization and share your impact. Maybe have them explain how they were before and after working with you. To the user, testimonial video marketing is like getting a recommendation from a friend.

D. Live Webinar - puts you as close as possible to the audience and allows you to answer their questions via video.

You can create videos with WiX in less than a minute. Seriously. How to make the video:

First, go to WIX.com and select site that you want the video on. On the left hand side, click "Marketing Tools" and then scroll to the "Make a Promotional Video" section. Then, click the template that you want to create your video with. You can customize the images (and add up to 15) and customize the text. Change the colors and font to make it match your brand. Also, change the theme (Along with company themes, WiX offers seasonal themes). WiX has a huge music library so you should add the song to your video that best suits your theme. Then click publish, where all your info is bounded up and sent to the WiX Computer fairies who make your video spectacular.

If you need help with your video, contact us. We would be glad to help you.

Resources: WiX Developer Tools


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