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Online Tools that can be Used to Help the #BlackLivesMatter Movement

I would like to start off by saying it's terrible that we even need to have this blog post. It's terrible that the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless other African Americans were cut short due to unnecessary violence. It's awful that so many members of the Black community in the United States need to worry about being wrongfully shot by police whenever leaving their homes. Bookman Web stands with the African American community and the #BLM movement.

However, the protests this week have given me lots of hope for the future of equality in America. It's amazing to see millions of Americans participate in the movement to try to make some well needed change. Whether it be through social media, blog posts, or taking it to the streets, it's incredible that so many people (of all ethnicities) are doing their parts for this movement. Bookman Web is committed to being part of that change. As a company, we believe that everyone has the right to live a life that's free of the worry of unnecessary violence due to wrongful stereotypical profiling, no matter the color of their skin.

We know there's no easy solution for the problem that African Americans have faced for centuries. But we also know that when enough people come together, there's a potential to make change. With the easy-accessibility of online tools, larger groups of people can come together faster than ever. Here are some online ways to come together and hopefully bring the USA a step closer to equality for all.

1) Online Petitions Through Change.org:

Through Change.org, you can create, share, and sign an online petition in minutes. Once a petition has gotten a large number of signs, send it to your representative or other political leaders. When the political leader realizes that enough voters care about #BlackLivesMatter, new policies will be made. Additionally, sign these:

2) Raise Money Through GoFundMe:

Set up a GoFundMe to raise money, which can be used to make some change. Use it to fund protests, spread the word about events, gather the support before reaching out to politicians, and create online spaces where people can volunteer and donate. Additionally, give to:

3) Create a WiX Website:

Through WiX, you can easily create a website to deliver the #BLM message, spread the word about events, collect volunteers, and get donations. Additionally, you can easily integrate your Change.com and GoFundMe pages into your site. Here's how your site could look page-by-page:


On the homepage, implement stunning graphics to hook visitors in and make them want to continue to browse. Also, show important information and have lots of buttons to the call-to-actions (the ways to RSVP to peaceful protests, sign up to volunteer, and donate).

About Page:

Tell visitors what your organization is all about, including your values and how you'll get there. This might be a good place to put petitions.

Volunteer Page:

Right now, there are millions of Americans (and people all around the globe) that want to get involved in Black Lives Matter. Just this week on Tuesday, Instagram reported that over 28 million users posted a black screen with #BlackoutTuesday. And it's truly amazing that so many people came together on social media for the movement, but many people want to do more than just posting a black square. So, on your website, tell them how they can do so. And use the free WiX Forms feature to allow them to quickly and easily sign up to help you out. Also, have a way for users to contact you with any suggestions.

WiX Events:

Also what I think is incredible is the number of people, in cities across the country, that are taking to the streets and peacefully protesting. Through WiX, you can easily spread the word about upcoming events (such as peaceful protests) and collect RSVPs to get a general picture in your mind about the number of people showing up.

Donation Page:

Create a page that looks authentic, tells users how their money is going to be used, and allows secure donations. WiX websites are SSL secure and have more layers of security than some government websites so a breach of sensitive data is no worry (if the recommended secure tools form WiX are used). Money from the donations will quickly get direct-deposited into your bank account for use.

As Bookman Web stands with the African American community amid this crisis of racial injustice and inequality, we will build a free high-quality WiX website for one organization that is fighting for racial equality. For any additional organizations that are fighting for racial equality, we will build high quality WiX websites for 75% off.* Contact us for more information.

* This offer is valid for a limited time only. Bookman Web must be in support of the organization (the organization's values must be parallel to Bookman Web's values). Bookman Web has the right to turn down any organization from this offer at any time and for any reason.

We know taking all these steps is not enough. It is not enough until there is true racial equality. But we plan to work day in and day out to make a change. Let me end by clearly saying that Black Lives Matter.

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