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WiX vs Google Sites - A Detailed Comparison

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Why WiX Trumps Google Sites in Almost all Ways

WiX and Google Sites are both known for their do-it-yourself (DIY) capabilities. Google sites is definitely the simplest one to set up of the two, while WiX offers you (by far) the most freedom to shine. Here is a detailed comparison:

Feature Set and Control - The possibilities are almost endless through WiX. They have so many features to choose from to make your website as perfect as can be. Whereas on Google Sites, the ways to customize your website and make it your own are extremely limited, which will result in a poorer quality website with a high percentage of visitors that navigate away from the site after viewing just one page. Pretty much, the quality of your website when built through WiX will be 1000 times better than it would be if built through Google Sites.

Mobile Customization - In 2018, over 52% of website traffic was generated through mobile phones, and this number is continuing to rapidly grow. Google Sites does NOT allow users to customize the mobile view of websites, meaning your website will not be optimized for smaller screen sizes. This will increase the percentage of users who exit your website immediately on phones and will reduce the number of people who perform your

call-to-action*. WiX, however, allows for full mobile customization and optimization to make your website stunning on all screen sizes.

*Your main goals for the website (ex: donate and volunteer)

Marketing features and SEO - WiX is an online marketing hub. They recently launched Ascend, a program that allows users to do email marketing, control all of their social media accounts, send invoices, and create marketing videos, all in one place. And, most importantly, it comes with an easy software that allows users to dramatically boost their SEO* in minutes.

*how high your site ranks on Google and other search engines

App Integrations - To expand on WiX’s feature set, they have many apps to integrate into your website (click HERE for more info). Google Sites does not have any of this in house, and if you choose to use them as your website platform, you will most likely need to pay for third-party solutions, which will turn out costing more than WiX.

Pricing - In my opinion, the only fallback to WiX. WiX charges a fee for premium, while Google Sites does not. Although at the end, this fee will turn out to be worth it because you will have a better website and broader access to free stock images and app integrations (unlike Google Sites). Plus, the premium plan is not that expensive so shouldn't turn out to be a huge burden towards your company/nonprofit.

To help you visualize the difference between WiX and Google Slides, I put together this table:

Google Sites is definitely sub-par to WiX, going by extensive user reviews and ratings:

I hope this helped. For more information about why WiX is the best website platform, check out my blog post HERE. For any questions, please email me at bookmanweb@yaoo.com.

To create your WiX account, click HERE (so that I get a reward for referring you).

Foy any help on your WiX website, please reach out to me and I will be more than happy to help.


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